Oyo Q Quiz Answers 19 September (Answer Updated) – Win iPhone XR & Many More

OYO Q Quiz Answers 19 September 2020 – Answer OYO Quiz questions and a chance to win OYO Money, iPhone Xr, Amazon Echo Dot, Paytm Cash, Samsung LED TV, and many more. To enter this contest you need to answer one question. Quizstock will share all OYO Quiz Time Answers here to increase your chances of winning Prizes. In OYO Today Quiz you can get OYO Q 19 September 2020 Quiz Answers.

You can participate OYO Quiz Daily 10 PM to Next Day 09:59 PM (IST). Also, you don’t worry about the OYO Quiz Answers because here we provide all correct answers at 10:01 PM as fast as possible. Join our Telegram Channel.

Today’s OYO Quiz Details

Hosted By:-OYO (India)
Today’s Prize –  ₹1 Crore OYO Money, iPhone Xr, 15 Amazon Echo Dot, ₹30 Lakh Paytm Cash & Many more
OYO Q Quiz Date – 19 September 2020
OYO Q Quiz Time – Everyday Night 10 PM to Next Day Night 09:59 PM (IST)
Winners – Get Instant Prizes

How to Play OYO Q Quiz?

Before knowing OYO Quiz Answers you should need to know about how to play OYO Quiz.

Method 1:- For all Quiz’s you need to download OYO App from Play Store or APP store, Depends on which phone you playing OYO Quiz.

Method 2:- Now login with your existing account or create a new one in OYO App.

Method 3:- Scroll down you will see “OYO Q Quiz” banner just click on it play Quiz.

Method 4:- A next page will open in there you will see a “Play Now” button, just click on it.

Method 5:- On the next page you will see today OYO Quiz Question and give the right answer by reading below OYO Quiz Answers.

Method 6:- Then you will be redirected to the winner page, in there you need to click on claim your reward and Shake your phone to get your reward.

Today OYO Q Quiz Answers (100% Correct)

We update OYO Quiz Answers every day at 10:02 PM. Keep patient and refresh this page if Answers, not Updated. Bookmark this page. Join our Telegram Channel.

Oyo Q Quiz Answers

OYO Q Quiz Answers 19 September 2020



Terms & Conditions

1. Users who answer OYO Q correctly will be redirected to the Shake and Win page where they get a chance to earn a reward.
2. Winners of the Paytm Cash, Amazon Echo Dot and other prizes will be decided by a lucky draw from those who have answered today’s OYO Q correctly.
3. Each winner will be informed via an app notification and an email.
4. Paytm Cash rewards will be given to winners on the mobile number registered with OYO.
5. Paytm Cash and other rewards will only be given to users if they are logged in on the OYO APP.
6. Other rewards such as Goodies will be transferred to the winners in the form of E-gift vouchers.
7. The amount would be transferred within seven days.
8. Following users will not be eligible for Paytm Cash:
– Non KYC verified Paytm accounts. This restriction is as per the RBI guidelines.
– Users who have exceeded Paytm monthly wallet limit.

OYO Q Quiz – once you have signup or login on OYO App, participate by answering the quiz. you will be entitled for a lucky draw which will be carried out amongst participants who have answered that particular question correctly.

Keep Playing & Win Prizes !!!!

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