MyJio Tata IQL Quiz Answers (14 May) & Win 1GB Free Data

MyJio Tata IQL Quiz – Today Jio & Tata Salt comes with new Quiz content for you guys. Another day, another opportunity that will get you some cool prizes. If you guys are waiting for the Jio Tata IQL Quiz Answers then the wait is over. Today I am going to reveal all the answers that are 100% correct and update it daily.

With the help of these answers, you can simply increase your odds of winning. In this MyJio Tata IQL Quiz contest, you will get 1GB Free Jio 4G data by answering only 10 simple questions. Make sure answers all the questions right and win free data.

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MyJio Tata IQL Quiz Quiz Details

Organizer:- Jio
Prize – 1GB 4G Data, Fee Byju’s Subscription
Quiz Date – 1st May To 14th May 2020
Quiz Time – 12:00 AM to 11:59 PM
Winners Revealed-Instant
Prize Recived-Within 72 Hours

Jio Tata IQL Quiz Answers – 14 May 2020

MyJio Tata IQL Quiz Prizes
MyJio Tata IQL Quiz Prizes

Question 1:- Which Media Group Was The First Private Network To Broadcast Over Television?

Answer:- Zee Group

Question 2:- Who Was The First Acting PM Of India After The Death Of Jawaharlal Nehru?

Answer:- Gulzarilal Nanda

Question 3:- Which 13th-Century Scholar Is Known As The “Parrot Of India” (Tuti-E-Hind) And “Father Of Urdu Literature”?

Answer:- Amir Khusro

Question 4:- Humnava’ Is The Name Of A Group Of Artists Who Perform Which Of The Following?

Answer:- Qawaali

Question 5:- The Walls Of Which Of These Sites Are Mostly Pictorial Versions Of Jataka Tales?

Answer:- Ajanta Caves

Question 6:- Which Organisation Was Set Up In 1920, And It Became Centralized In The Year 1951 And Its Job Is To Categorize Something Into 4 Categories?

Answer:- Central Board For Film Cerification

Question 7:- Who Was The First CAG (Comptroller And Auditor General) Of India? (1948-1954)

Answer:- V Narhari Rao

Question 8:- Motley Theatre Company Was Started In 1979 By Benjamin Gillani And Which Other Actor?

Answer:- Nasseruddin Shah

Question 9:- Which Chief Justice Of India Also Served As The Acting President Of India?

Answer:- M Hidayatullah

Question 10:- Which Indian Playwright Is Best Known For An English Language Play Called Tughlaq?

Answer:- Girish Karnad

Jio Tata IQL Quiz Answers – 13 May 2020

Question 1:- Which Rohit Shetty Film Has A Similar Sounding Name With A Film By Hrishikesh Mukherjee, That Was Released In 1979?

Answer:- Golmaal

Question 2:- Which Of The Following Films Was The First In Sequence Among The Apu Trilogy Films?

Answer:- Pather Panchali

Question 3:- Which Long Distance Train Category Name Translates To ‘Non-Stop’ In Bengali?

Answer:- Durronto

Question 4:-The Maximum Mass Of A Stable White Dwarf Star Was First Discovered By Which Indian Scientist?

Answer:- Subrahmanyan Chandrasekhar

Question 5:- Which Is The Biggest, Highest, And Tallest Dam In India?

Answer:- Tehri Dam

Question 6:-  Which Annual Thirteen-Day Indian Classical Music Festival Is Held In Ahmedabad Since 1980?

Answer:- Saptak

Question 7:- Found in abundance in the Himalayas, Kaiser – i – Hind is a type of which of these animals?

Answer:- Butterfly

Question 8:- In 2010, Which Animal Was Declared As The National Heritage Animal Of India By The Environment Ministry?

Answer:- Elephant

Question 9:- Which Of The Following Words Is Not Found On The Preamble To The Constitution Of India?

Answer:- Legality

Question 10:- In 1965, Who Chanted ‘Jai Jawan Jai Kisaan’ For The First Time While Addressing A Rally ?

Answer:- Lal Bahadur Shastri

How to play MyJio Tata IQL Quiz?

There is Nothing hard to play MyJio Tata IQL Quiz. You already have the answers which is written above. So just you need to Have Jio SIM Card and MyJio App. Follow the below steps.

Method 1:- This quiz only held on MyJio application. So as per that you need to download the application and install it on your device.

MyJio Application
MyJio Application

Method 2:- After you need to login with your Jio Number.

Method 3:- Next step you need to find MyJio Tata IQL Quiz under the JioEngage, by scrolling down.

MyJio Tata IQL Quiz zone
MyJio Tata IQL Quiz zone

Method 4:- Click on it, then another window will open up. In there you need to click on the “Take A Quiz” Button.

MyJio Tata IQL Quiz Answers
MyJio Tata IQL Quiz Answers

Method 5:- After that Give right quiz answers and with Free data from Jio.

Note:- Winners will be pickup via Lucky draw and 1000 people get chance to win 1GD Jio Data.

Keep Playing.

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