Amazon GK Basics & Master Quiz Answers & Win Amazing Prizes

Amazon GK Basics & Master Quiz – Today the Amazon India came with new Quiz content for you guys. Another day, another opportunity that will get you some cool prizes. If you guys are waiting for the Amazon Today Quiz Answers then the wait is over. Today I am going to reveal all the answers that are 100% correct.

With the help of these answers, you can simply increase your odds of winning. In this Amazon GK Basics & Master Quiz contest, you can get Amazing Prizes by answering only 10 simple questions. Make sure you try your own luck by participating in the Amazon GK Basics & Master Quiz and increase your chances of winning the cool prizes. Stay tuned for more Amazon Quiz Answers as we upload them by latest everyday.

Amazon GK Basics & Master Quiz Details

Organizer:- Amazon India
Today’s Amazon Quiz – Amazon GK Basics & Master Quiz
Amazon Quiz Date – Today
Amazon Quiz Time – Any Time

Amazon GK Basics Quiz Answers (100% Correct)

Amazon GK Basics Quiz Prizes

Question 1:- What Is The Common State Animal Of Jharkhand, Karnataka And Kerala?

Answer:- Elephant

Question 2:- Which Is The Smallest Sovereign State In The World Both In Terms Of Area And Population?

Answer:- Vatican City

Question 3:- What Is The Value Of Package That Was Announced By PM Modi To Revive The Indian Economy Under “Atmanirbhar Bharat Abhiyaan” ?

Answer:- INR 20 Lakh Crore

Question 4:- There Are 3 Secondary Colors As Per The RYB Model, 2 Of Them Are Purple And Orange. What Is The Third?

Answer:- Green

Question 5:- The Current Supreme Commander Of The Indian Army Is The ___ President Of India. Fill In The Blanks

Answer:- 14th

Question 6:- The Government Of India Has Recently Launched The Instant E- ____ Facility Using Aadhar.

Answer:- PAN

Question 7:- Which Dinosaur’s Name Means ‘Three Horned Face’?

Answer:- Triceratops

Question 8:- What Do The Letters ‘HB’ On A Pencil Stand For?

Answer:- Hard Black

Question 9:- The Term ‘Sesquicentennial’ Refers To How Many Years?

Answer:- 150

Question 10:- Which Of These Countries Also Celebrates Its Independence Day On 15th August?

Answer:- South Korea

Amazon GK Basics Quiz Answers (100% Correct)

Amazon GK Master Quiz Prizes

Question 1:- Nanosafe Solutions, A Start-Up In Which Indian IIT Has Developed And Launched An Antimicrobial And Washable Face Mask “NSafe”?

Answer:- Delhi

Question 2:- Which Indian Airport Which Has Won The SKYTRAX Award 2020 For Best Regional Airport In India And Central Asia?

Answer:- Kempegowda Airport

Question 3:- Who Has Been Appointed As The Chief Risk Officer Of YES Bank For 3 Years In May 2020?

Answer:- Neeraj Dhawan

Question 4:- Who Has Been Extended As The Goodwill Ambassador Of The United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP) For 2 Years Till 2022?

Answer:- Dia Mirza

Question 5:- Which Indian Cricketer Has Been Appointed As The Brand Ambassador Of Education Technology Company ELSA Corp?

Answer:- Ajinkya Rahane

Question 6:- The Asian Development Bank Recently Approved A Loan Of USD 177 Million For Road Projects In Which State?

Answer:- Maharashtra

Question 7:- ‘Candle’ Is A Solo Single Recently Released By Which Indian Actress?

Answer:- Madhuri Dixit

Question 8:- Which Of The Following Is A Homophone?

Answer:- Reign And Rein

Question 9:- ‘The Ickabog’ Whose First Five Chapters Were Released Online For Free, Is Which Famous Author’s Latest Book?

Answer:- JK Rowling

Question 10:- The Arabic Amir-Al-Bahr, Or Ruler Of The Seas, Is The Etymological Source Of Which Naval Rank?

Answer:- Admiral

How to play Amazon Quiz?

Playing the Amazon Quiz is not rocket science. I am sure that you will be able to play and perform better on the quiz. All you need to do is to follow the steps given below to the letter.

Method 1:- As this is an App based quiz, which means you will have to download the Amazon app from Play Store or App Store if you want to participate in the quiz.

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is Amazon-App.png

Method 2:- After you need to login on your Amazon Account.

Method 3:- Next step you need goes to FunZoneor search Quiz on the search box and you will find it.

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is Amazon-Funzone.png

Method 4:- Once you tap on the Amazon GK Basics & Master Quiz banner or image it will take you to the screen with questions and answers. This is the place where you can answer questions and make your way to free credits and products.

Amazon GK Basics & Master Quiz

Terms & Conditions About This Quiz

  1. This Contest will start on Today from 00:00:01 a.m. (IST) to 11:59:00 p.m. (IST) (“Contest Period”)

2. To Participate in this quiz you must need Amazon India App with Amazon account, Because of this quiz only available of App.

3. After Login or Signup in Amazon India App, you can participate by answering 10 (Tem) questions with right answers.

4. After answering all Question right, you will be part of winning the prize. But you will not 100% sure of the winning prize because of the winner will be picked up by lucky draw. If you have good luck then you may be the winner, give you 2 minutes every day and try your luck.

Amazon GK Basics & Master Quiz – The only way to participate in the quiz is by answering the questions. For that purpose, all you have to do is to get the Amazon App from the store. It is because the quiz is available in the app only. Right answers will increase your chances of winning through a lucky draw.

Keep Playing & Win Prizes !!!!

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